9 years ago the rescue I grew up got a call from our hay supplier saying he'd rescued a mare and 2 foals and hoped we would take them in. Apparently when he went to deliver some hay he found a family who had some farm animals they were keeping for food, goats, pigs, and strangely a pony mare with 2 foals nursing from her. The pony mare was extremely skinny and the foals were bleeding her dry to stay alive themselves. He was told they were going to be their holiday meal. So our wonderful hay guy traded that load of hay in exchange for the ponies.
The rescue found a foster to raise the large horse foal who didn't belong to the pony mare. Then the plan was for me to raise the foal and the pony mare to recover at the rescue. But I only had space for 1 horse, and I got the call the same day for my beloved Revel. It was time for him to come home after a life of labor on the city streets. So instead mom and baby went together to the rescue I had grown up at. They ended up becoming "Thursday" and "Zephyr", this ended up being perfect. As the rescue was reaching a phase where many elderly horses were passing, the sweet presence of a baby was very healing for the woman who ran the farm.
Then the worst happened. The woman who ran the rescue passed away and the few remaining horses were left to the girls she raised, me, Aly, and Christina. While most of the horses remaining are older and will do best to stay in the comfort of their home, Aly will care for them and rebuild the rescue <3 Zephyr is young and has quite a life left to live. He has spent his whole life caring for horses as they cross the rainbow bridge, and being a support for the grieving humans left behind. He's carried this burden once again as our whole farm family grieved the loss of the woman who raised us. But it's time he live his life for him. Enjoy being a spoiled baby horse <3
On arrival home we quickly discovered that Zephyr is struggling with a neurological disorder. In a new environment it was apparent he had trouble negotiating where he is in space (his proprioception). On further inspection we found he had EPM, he's been thoroughly treated and is doing really well. Unfortunately he's still neurological, sometimes the damage is done and doesn't reverse completely. But we have great hope for him to live a full and happy life, he just won't ever be a good candidate for any riding. That's A-ok with us.
He's been enjoying his days rough housing with his besty, Oro, they run around like looney tunes and play "i'm not bitiingg youuuu". He loves being groomed and cuddled by all the volunteers and he's rapidly becoming great at all his clicker skills. His leading has become reliable and safe enough that he can finally start going to the agility ring. It's going to be a super fun summer for him and his friends!!