Twinkles + Faun

Twinkles and Faun are our noisy, bouncy, ridiculous little sheep! They are Icelandic sheep that came from a meat farm. We got Twinkles (the black one) in 2015 to be friends with Sugar Plum, who had been raised with sheep. But it was clear Twinkles needed a friend sheep, so the next Spring we got Faun! They became good friends for Butterfly, who is blind, their noisy personality, and fluffy bodies make them easy for Butterfly to keep track of, and soft if she bumps into them. These sheep are a riot, they both love clicker training, they’re so much more clever and unique than I ever realized sheep could be. They’re bold, confident and absolutely silly. They love to bounce and prong around while they do all the agility obstacles or go out for hikes in the woods with us. We often joke they are “wool puppies” because of their puppy-like personalities!

Meet the Rescues: