Viking was a special young horse who made an incredible impact on us at EE, it was a year after his passing that I was scrolling the internet and saw a pony named “Marshmallow” advertised for sale. I remember thinking “who names a black mini Marhsmallow?” Then I remembered I had thought that before… Marshmallow was the name of Viking’s mother, a black shetland pony. I pulled out my old photos Viking’s first owner had sent us of him with his mom, I contacted people and confirmed it, this pony for sale was Viking’s mother!!! When I contacted the seller they had informed us that she’d had many, many babies between when she was found at the auction with Viking and when they had gotten her from auction with another very large baby at her side. We decided it was time to take this little girl off the market! No more unhealthy breeding.

Marshmallow is an adorable love muffin who fell right in love with our hunky gelding, Punk, and they quickly moved in together. She loves clicker training, she’s such a clever girl, but she doesn’t like to feel manipulated of coerced, so you need to be careful to allow her choice and clear communication. She’s a great teacher for our younger kids to learn clean clicker training mechanics and start learning agility! She rocks the agility course and isn’t afraid of anything, but she has to do it all at her own pace, SLOW!

Meet the Rescues: