Fable came from the same situation as Wispy, about a year after we got Wisp the people at the farm they were at asked me to take Fable too. Fable was struggling behaviorally, being an adult Clydesdale fully in control of her own situation she was not OK with humans bossing her around! Our positive training approach was exactly what Fable needed. She needed to learn to trust us and herself. She loves clicker training and problem solving new ways to earn reinforcement. Fable struggled with things that meant opening herself up and being vulnerable, like holding her feet up for the farrier or allowing a rider. It took time breaking down these skills into small, achievable steps with the help of her friends and lots of food she cam around to thinking these ideas might not stink. Pretty quickly Fable was behaving well for all her regular care and playtime doing agility! We were very cautious with her history about letting the kids work with her, but a few special volunteers gave it a try, soon she proved that she could be really fun and safe for the kids to play with too! She just loves playing “hide and seek” around her paddock, searching for her person. She rocks agility at top speed and has even taken to enjoying the occasional ride so long as she’s with her friend!

Meet the Rescues: