When I was a teenager and started volunteering at Eye of the Storm Equine Rescue they had just rescued a 2 year old mini, Butterfly. Butterfly was a tiny, adorable, perfect little horse, but she had strange eyes. It was clear her eyesight was going to be an ongoing problem for her, so when the hoarding situation that she was born into was split up, they needed a rescue to take her and ensure she had a safe life. We grew up together at the quiet farm in MA, Butterfly taught me an awful lot about compassion and the value of life. Many people question the value of a horse who can’t do anything for them, but we recognize that her life is hers and not something we can put a value on. She progressively lost her vision throughout the first 10 years of her life. We’d carefully guide little Butterfly out to her paddock with her best friend, Sugar Plum, everyday. She knew her world and enjoyed her time out. When Eye of the Storm lost their property and had to move we knew Butterfly would need to come here, so she could stay in one safe home for the rest of her life. She came with her besty, Sugar Plum, to help her navigate her new world. She adjusted very well and really enjoys all the extra attention she gets from all the kids here. Over the years her alot has changed, Sugar Plum passed away, but sheep joined Butterfly’s herd. In 2021 Butterfly’s eyes had deteriorated to the point where they hurt, we had to have them surgically removed. Since she didn’t have sight before, the surgery was a big relief for Butterfly and she’s enjoying her days much more now. Butterfly’s favorite days involve being surrounded by kids, groomed, fed treats, and dressed up in cute costumes! She is such a happy little princess when her friends are around to spoil her.

Meet the Rescues: