Sweet, sweet Sunflower. Our quiet soul. She came to our rescue when a massive hoarding situation in Texas rescued over 300 mini donkeys in terrible conditions. She had a rough ride from Texas to Maine but settled in nicely here with her baby, Nymph. It was slow going with her. We spent the first month just sitting in the pen and reading with the donkeys, enjoying their company and letting them eat near us. Soon they were taking food from our hands - then one day the donks decided we humans must not be too bad. They let out a deep breath and let us touch them. Sunflower is very timid, only being 4 years old and a parent herself, she was in a bit over her head. She let Nymph do all the exploring and if it proved safe she'd try herself. Luckily her baby was feisty and curious! It wasn't long before she picked up on clicker training and found she really enjoys hanging with us bipeds! 


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