Marshmallow was our surprise Christmas pony! If you check our memorial page you'll see the heartbreaking story of Viking. Viking was a precious baby colt, mostly white with blue eyes, he was so loved. But his body couldn't keep up with the rest of him, a neurological disease took hold and ended his life painfully short. I had known bits of his story from the person who had sent him to our rescue, his mother was a shetland pony who was bred by a Gypsy Vanner stud, she was at a petting zoo and when she gave birth they were both sold to auction. They were both sold seperately and he was eventually given to us. We had a few pictures of him with his mother, a tiny black pony, named Marshmallow. What an odd name for a black pony...

Well sure enough just before last Christmas, up on the internet I saw a little black pony mare looking for a home, named, you guessed it – Marshmallow! I looked, compared pictures, compared stories. This was her! His real mother. While we were sad she didn't get to see him, we were thrilled to welcome her into our home. She came in the backseat of a pick up truck, and let out a squeal that sounded just like Viking's voice! We surprised the kids with her arrival, we all cried until she let out another precious squawk and our barn felt complete again.

Unfortunately Marshmallow has been a petting zoo pony and broodmare all her life – meaning when she got sick it was overlooked. We knew she was “off” from the moment we met her. She was twitchy, anxious, had an abnormal gait... We had terrible flashbacks to Viking – but she is a full grown adult. After much bloodwork we found she had chronic Lyme disease tearing away at her. It had already done her thyroid in. So for the past several months we've been going through regiments of Lyme disease treatment and Thyroid medicines. Everyday she gets a little better. Her coat is transitioning beautifully, gorgeous dapples are shiny through. She doesn't let her health issues bother her much, she is full of spit and vinegar! She lives out with her husband Punk (who is fixed, no more babies for her) and they play and bicker all day long. They are so funny together. She has a new human friend too, who's been teaching her all the best clicker games. She's so smart, so much attitude, so much love.

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