Fable is a 10 year old shire mare. She came to us from another horse rescue, who got her from a brood mare situation. She came as a ball of fire, hated to be touched, couldn’t be caught as she hid behind the other horses, and just hated people in general. She was able to be ridden but bucked under saddle for at least the first 3-4 minutes of every ride. As soon as the riders butt hit the seat she was in the air. She also had awful scratches and could not have her feet handled, so she had been sedated and put in stocks for the farrier at the rescue. Fable was not a happy horse. I decided she was going to be mine (Emerson) and I was the one to make her life worth living. (I am a sucker for the project horses) Fable arrived in March of 2016. I was ecstatic to to start her training. The first session was great she learned to stand facing forward and targeting almost instantly! From this moment you could tell she had realized this was going to be much different than anywhere else she had been. She slowly worked out that we weren't that bad. I still wasn't able to get her out of the paddock without going out in the paddock to get her, but she didn’t try to run away either. We soon started working on getting rid of her scratches without anyone getting kicked and then on to having her feet trimmed. The first time we got her feet done she was sedated, the second time she was not sedated but the farrier had a hard time not reacting when she was fidgeting and not getting mad at her. He had a hard time putting her foot down when she asked, so we had to find another farrier that Fable approved of. So we practiced doing her feet 3 times a day for at least a month, and having everyone do it at least once so she got used to other people handling her feet as well. When the new farrier got here she was able to have all four feet done with no sedation, and now she stands like a gem!

Now fable runs up to the gate any time I go near the paddock and knickers when I walk past her stall. She loves to be loved and loves when we are around her. She is now learning how to be ridden again. She can now line up at the mounting block and let me hop on and go for a few steps and we are also learning to stop and steer. Fable has come a along way and will continue to go even further and someday I will just be able to hop on and go for a ride around and spend the day on trails. I can’t wait to see where we go together!

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