Online Course

Welcome to Empowered Equestrians Online Course!

1) Getting Started – Learn the basics of behavioral science as it applies to training horses with positive reinforcement. Including a series of tutorial videos on teaching a variety of the foundation skills, giving you the tools you need to take any path you and your horse aspire to!

2) Equine Emotions – Understanding the Neuroscience of emotions in animals, this will go into the basic affective systems, how they work and their role in survival. We’ll go into dealing with behavioral trouble that may come from an unhealthy emotional place and how to help horses overcome their difficult emotions or trauma. This will include how to deal with emergencies and prepare for the vet.

3) Advanced Clicker Skills – We’ll discuss advanced behavioral science concepts and ethical aspects to keep in mind in relation to our understanding of the science. We’ll discuss how to use communication tools like start buttons and consent signals, as well as how to get started with riding.