Cooperative Care Challenges
The Cooperative Care Challenges are designed to help you and your horse prepare for necessary but difficult care skills. These challenges all mimic skills your horse may need to be able to cared for by vets, farriers, and other care professionals. You may need to make-shift some tools, there is plenty of wiggle room with these.

Prize: Upon completion and a grade of 90%+ of each challenges, you will earn a Red Cooperative Care Show Ribbon and for every 3 completed challenges youโ€™ll earn an EE treat pouch! You will be graded on your horseโ€™s comfort level, they should appear relaxed and confident with the skills being asked of them or done to them.

Click the ribbons below to see the details for the Challenge:


Leg Care

Hoof Care

Face Care

Record your challenge with your horse in 1 continuous session video.
Donate: $8 as an entrance fee for each challenge
Attach the video, or upload to Youtube, or upload to our Facebook Group EE- Challenges, and E-mail toย