Confidence Building Challenges
The Confidence Building Challenges are designed to help build your training skills and your horse’s confidence in various areas of their life. Some of these challenges are focused on desensitization and counter conditioning, while others are more focused on developing clear communication skills.

Prize: Upon completion and a grade of 90%+ of each challenges, you will earn a Purple Confidence Building Show Ribbon and for completing 3 challenges you’ll earn an EE Treat Pouch and an extra Clicker if you complete all 5! You will be graded on your horse’s confidence with the situation and your communication skills. Your communication should be clear and your horse should appear relaxed and comfortably enjoying the training.

Click the ribbons below to see the details for the Challenge:

Body Awareness

Holding Objects

Tarp Skills


Trailer Loading



Record your challenge with your horse in 1 continuous session video.
Donate: $8 as an entrance fee for each challenge
Attach the video, or upload to Youtube, or upload to our Facebook Group EE- Challenges, and E-mail toΒ