Agility Skills Challenges
The Agility Skills Challenges are designed to be a fun way to play and exercise with your horse. These challenges are focused on movement, balance, body awareness and coordination, as well as exercise. All of these challenges can be done at a walk or trot (if there is a reason you can’t do trot, you may do the trot portions at a walk). You’ll be graded on your communication skills, training history, and your horse’s confidence with the obstacles and trust in their understanding of your communication – not so much how athletically skilled you or your horse is.

Prize: Upon completion and a grade of 90%+ of each challenges you will earn a Pink Agility Skills Show Ribbon and for every 3 completed challenges you’ll earn an extendable fluffy target!

Click the ribbons below to see the details for the Challenge:

Barrel Racing


Target Square

Combo Course 1

Combo Course 2

Combo Course 3

Combo Course 4

Combo Course 5

Record your challenge with your horse in 1 continuous session video.
Donate: $8 as an entrance fee for each challenge
Attach the video, or upload to Youtube, or upload to our Facebook Group EE- Challenges, and E-mail toΒ