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Empowered Equestrians continues to grow and bloom into an incredible group. I'm very proud and so excited to watch more and more people become aware of the possibilities of Positive Reinforcement! This group has grown to incredible numbers, almost 4,000 members! Due to this we have needed to make sub-groups to help keep things organized and productively helping people  We have many groups organized geographically, these are focused on getting to know people local to you who are also interested in positive reinforcement, as well as sharing local events and providing local support for one another.  The rest are groups focus on a specific subject for discussion and learning together. Please feel welcomed to join the groups that interest you!

The official page of the original Empowered Equines horse rescue and training program

Our study focused groups are:

EE - Getting Started, for those just learning about positive reinforcement and wanting to get started;

EE - Emotional Study, for those interested in learning about neuroscience, ethology and the function of emotions on behavior;

The Young Empowered Equestrians, for people under 25 to share and discuss the unique troubles that come with being young and brave, venturing intoR+ horse training;

EE- Farm and Exotics, for people interested in learning R+ for various other species;

EE- Book Club, has been reopened with a slightly different set up, it will now be focused on the discussion, analysis and question answering of a specific list of books focused on R+ training.


Other important groups:

EE- Rescuers, for people who work with rescue horses or are interested in assisting rescue programs with positive reinforcement training for their animals;

Positive Pet Homes, Just a Click Away - a group for animals to find positive reinforcement homes;

EE- Empowered Equine Art, for people wanting to share and spread awareness for art focused on natural, happy animals and humans and their partnership.

Our local sub-groups (please only join your area's group):

EE - UK (Empowered Equestrians UK)

EE (Empowered Equestrians) Scotland

EE- Australia

EE- Northeast US

EE - The Netherlands & Belgium