Thank you so much in your interest in supporting our rescue and education program!
We are a 501(c)3 non-profit so your support and donations are tax-deductible and are guaranteed to go for the benefit of the horses.


Donations of money go 100% directly to the care and keeping of the animals at our rescue. Every penny counts!

Each horse costs between $250-400 per month (depending if they're a mini or a draft, and on their medical needs).

You can chose to make your donation a monthly subscription, this is a wonderful way to help in a small way that adds up fast!

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If you have extra time and energy we're also always welcoming volunteers. Volunteers require no previous experience, we also take any age 6years and above. We work afterschool hours on weekdays and all day weekends. The opportunity includes cleaning and caring for the horses as well as time grooming, and learning how to train the horses as well! While riding is a rare occurrence here, we offer a lot of hands on time playing with the horses.





We've also put together this list of items we are always in need of, whether you have these things laying around or left overs from a project, or just want to buy something specific we're in need of. We really appreciate your time reading this and seeing if you can fill any of our needs.
Our Amazon Wishlist

  • Wood (2x4s, fence panels, fence posts, plywood)
  • Paint (home/outdoor or art supply type)
  • Screws, nails, eye bolts, bucket hooks, double sided clips and other hardware
  • Saws, drills, weed whackers, gardening tools...
  • Extension cords, duct tape, electric tape
  • Brooms, shovels, pitchforks
  • Electric tape, insulators, net fencing, chargers
  • Betadine scrub, Absorbine liniment, Desitin, Cortisone cream
  • Neem oil, Coconut oil, Sulfur powder
  • Epsom salts, Aloe vera gel and juice
  • Buteless, Vitamin E, CocoHoof
  • Uckele Optimize
  • Hay, Hay Nets, Bedding (shavings, pellets, or saw dust welcome!)