One of the biggest goals of this rescue is to provide education, in an attempt to keep good horses in good homes. Our focus is in teaching Positive Reinforcement training techniques, using a click to bridge the gap in communication between human and horses, while simultaneously providing motivation for the horse to want to participate. We aim to share this information with anyone interested in learning. We aspire to making this information easily attainable, while all of the options come at a cost, 100% of the money goes to the care and keeping of the animals at Empowered Equines. All of our rates are flexible so please contact us with any inquiries.

Two Day Clinics: (Anywhere) $1,000 + Travel and hotel
Two full days of discussion and hands-on positive reinforcement training. We can accommodate up to 10 people with horses and plenty of auditors.
We will begin each day with a discussion of the science and application of positive reinforcement, then begin hands-on practice with the equine attendees, and wrap up each day with a discussion of what we worked on and how to take things forward. The goal of these clinics are to help you build a foundation understanding of the training, so you can take the information home and apply it to all of your future needs.

One day clinic: (Local Only) $550 + Travel
This one day event will have a focused topic for our discussions and practice with up to 6 equines with their human participants and up to 10 additional auditors.
Topics we can cover:
-Introduction to Positive Reinforcement
-Tricks and Brain Games (a more advanced lesson on the ground)
-Getting Started with Positive Riding
-Preparing for the vet in a positive way
-Overcoming Fear

Demonstrations and Lectures: (Local Only) $50 per person
These lectures and/or demonstrations are done with an unlimited number of attendees, hands on time if there are equines at the facility.
Topics we can cover:
-Introduction to Positive Reinforcement
-Tricks and Brain Games 
-Positive Riding
-Vet Prep the Positive Way
-Overcoming Trauma
-Animal Emotions, how your horse feels

Private Lessons: (Local Only) $75 + Travel (+$5 for each additional half hour drive)
We can focus on any behavioral situation you're interested in learning. Our goal in these sessions will be to work on new behaviors, answer any questions, and send you on with homework. We want to help you get off your feet and feel confident enough in your skills to move forward on your own. Each private lesson in person can be accompanied by further online assistance if desired. 

Online Coaching: (Anywhere) $25-50 Per lesson 
With today's technology we are able to offer lessons online through text or video messaging. We can use e-mail, facebook, Skype, or any other messaging service. 
These lessons are targeted to your specific situation and the prices will vary according to the amount of time and energy put into our discussions.

Clicker Training Workshop with Jessica Gonzalez of Empowered Equines

Date: MARCH 23+30th, 2019
10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Hosted by: Save Your Ass South Actworth, NH

Join us for an exciting day of learning how to train using positive reinforcement. The day will focus on getting behaviors and reinforcing them. Positive reinforcement is a fun and ethical way to approach training all species. This type of training is a wholesome approach looking at the equine’s physical, emotional, and nutritional needs as well as arranging the environment to best suit the animal, by species and individual, and then finally teach them how to be active participants in their own life, care, and keeping.

We are able to help horses learn how to cope with domestication in a force-free way and engage them in all the fun activities we might have planned for their future. People have successfully utilized positive reinforcement with a bridge signal (clicker training) to teach horses all the basic husbandry skills they'll need in their life, vet, farrier, dentist, and body work, as well as fun games, tricks, cognitive learning skills like vocabulary, discrimination tests and preference testing. Most fun of all we have also utilized these tools to work with horses in a way that's fun and engaging for them, to do things that are fun and engaging for us, like riding, driving, agility, and trails!

Session limited to 20 people.
Price: 50.00 person adults - 35.00 for kids.

Please bring a brown bag lunch. We will provide beverages and snacks!

We will be having level two session for those who complete Level One, on March 30th!

Location: 23 Saw Mill Rd. South Acworth, NH 03607

EE Positive Reinforcement Clinic

Date: APRIL 13+14th, 2019
10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Hosted by: Great Strides Maryland

Full 2 day clinic. Bring your horse or come and audit. 
Jessica Gonzalez's rescue in Maine utilizes positive reinforcement training to rehab rescue drafts, ponies, and donkeys. In addition to teaching students and volunteers at the rescue, she also coaches and writes educational articles for her active online community on Facebook, Empowered Equestrians and her website Empowered Equines. This past year, she published her Equine Empowerment: A Guide to Positive Reinforcement Training. 

Learn to:

*Train behaviors to prepare horses for husbandry needs: vet preparation, agility, tricks, puzzles and riding
* Explore behavioral science
* Discuss equine emotional and cognitive capabilities to support ethical training practices

Attend as a Participant: $230
Audit: $20/day
Stabling: $20/night
Horse Lease: $30/day
Make a Deposit: $100

Location: 26771 Howard Chapel Dr, Damascus, Maryland 20872

Equine Affaire MA

Date: Nov 7-10th, 2019


We attend this event annually, we have a booth in the Better Living center and often have demonstrations. Will provide more info as it's finalized.

Location: 1305 Memorial Ave. W. Springfield, MA 01089