Clicker Info

Why Clicker Training?

Positive Reinforcement is a fun and ethical way to approach training all species. It's used as the primary training technique in most advanced zoos, marine mammal parks and exotic animal refuges - because it's safe, effective, enriching and empowering. This training approach is a wholesome approach looking at horses physical, emotional, nutritional needs, arranging the environment to best suit the animal (by species and individual) and then finally teach them how to be active participants in their own life, care and keeping. We are able to help horses learn how to cope with domestication in a force-free way and engage them in all the fun activities we might have planned for their future. People have successfully utilized positive reinforcement with a bridge signal (clicker training) to teach horses all the basic husbandry skills they'll need in their life, vet, farrier, dentist, and body work, as well as fun games, tricks, cognitive learning skills like vocabulary, discrimination tests and preference testing. Most fun of all we have also utilized these tools to work with horses in a way that's fun and engaging for them, to do things that are fun and engaging for us, like riding, driving, agility, and trails!