Taina’s Rainbow Day Miracle

A couple days ago we set up our Rainbow day decorations and as usual I let Taina out into the barn aisle. We did our usual training and target sessions and I showed her our tree and let her meet Rainbow. When I told her about the special day she was so inspired she immediately walked right outside!!! WHAT?! Outside - in the snow!! She threw herself a bit over threshold and scared me quite a bit. Haha! But after she composed herself and reconnected with me we explored the area just outside the barn and we played with the snow a bit before returning happily to her stall.

The next day I let her explore the aisle again, now with the doors shut - but when we were ready for training I put her halter on to see if she'd like to go out. Yes she did! She immediately walked me right out of the barn, at the end of the lead rope she lead me around the driveway and into the snow on the front lawn. She struggled to figure out where all the grass went that used to be there. After a few minutes I thought it was enough, she had come down from her excitement and was staying nicely connected with me. So we turned to walk back into the barn. But she saw Punk and Marshmallow up on the hill - so we HAD to go visit. She lead me right up to them and explored the area a bit before she decided she was ready to bring me back to her stall.

This is such a relief for my heart! Even if she'll still only go out on a lead and won't stay turned out without me, like she was doing in the summer, at least she's getting outside and moving again! It was pretty scary when I thought she'd be spending her whole winter stuck in our barn aisle. I'm hoping to continue to encourage some further socializing with the other horses and try turning her out beside different horses in hopes of her learning to start turning out and spending time outdoors like a normal horse. But that might take another Miracle!! Can't be too greedy.