Rainbow Day

December 23rd - the day before Christmas Eve is a very special day indeed. Santa's reindeer have a special mission, because all the good animals deserve some love too. Horses and sheep, donkeys and kittens, chickens and ferrets all celebrate when they hear the pitter patter of Rainbow the Reindeer arriving two days before Christmas. The kids have forgotten this special day, because the gifts aren't for them, they don't seem to notice. But a few special kids with a few special bonds have noticed what happens on this special day. If there's a tree in the barn or a stocking on the cat house, many little gifts appear for the animals who need them.

At Empowered Equines the kids caught on quick, they know how to listen to their best friends, the horses. They noticed a special little Reindeer visiting each December. When he heard from the horses how nice these kids are he didn't quite trust them. "Humans are greedy and selfish and needy, they don't listen or give, they only care for themselves", said Rainbow from experience. The horses then told him about the changes that were coming. They could feel it in the wind, they could hear it in the bird songs, they knew the humans were learning. They explained how these kids were quite selfless with their sharing and caring. They spend their days cleaning and brushing, feeding and mucking, they tend to the needs of their four legged friends. They offer love to the animals and when they play together it's actually quite fun! "Well now, they must have a reason, something that's in it for them?" questioned Rainbow, he'd never seen humans offer care without something in return. But this farm was different, the horses assured him. While humans have let us each down before, these people were different. Our herd is made up of horses who who have nothing left to give and have been thrown out by the selfish. This doesn't matter to these little people, they don't ask for compensation but only wanted happiness for each and every one. They see the injustice and fight for a balance. They communicate with kindness and see our special talents. They see our uniqueness and want to support us. They share what we love and they love it too.

"I want to hear more, what made these people notice?" Rainbow wondered, still feeling troubled. These humans are different the horses explained. These humans understand because they've felt the same. The little ones and the tall ones, they've all felt the pain - they know what it feels like to be hurt, used or unwanted. They have survived something difficult. They saw we felt the same. They didn't save us out of pity, they understood our plight, they shared their compassion and gave us back our dignity. They empower us with kindness and teach others to do the same. "I wish this were every farm", Rainbow whispered, a bit inspired. The horses encouraged him again, this change is coming, the kindness is spreading. The horses told Rainbow that these kids are learning and sharing with friends. Many farms are popping up with compassion in their foundation. We need to encourage this, we need to reward the humans, reinforce their good deeds. So Rainbow agreed. Now on the day he arrives to bring care to his friends he leaves a special something to the little humans who understand. These gifts help the caretakers take better care of the animals who need it, at least once a year.

This silly girl was gifted a pitchfork to help her clean up after the horses, unfortunately Rainbow is very thorough at wrapping gifts!!