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A bit about me:

Horses have been my love and obsession since I first ever laid eyes on one in person. I wanted to ride them, hug them, groom them, know every ounce of information I could get my hands on. When I was young I bounced from discipline to discipline in a constant search for something better. A gentler way to communicate. I rode every style for several years each, learning the differences and details about each, until I reached “competitive” levels, then I moved on to a new style. I never found that relationship I was looking for, the closest I came was when I started volunteering at a local rescue. I surrounded myself with old, broken horses who taught me more than I ever imagined. Here, I didn't focus much on training, riding or competing, but rather learning about the horses themselves. I continued volunteering here, in the background, for over ten years (and still going) and four of my horses are adopted from there. I carried on my equine career working as a carriage driver, therapeutic riding instructor, managing lesson and show farms, teaching riding to hunter/jumpers and Dressage riders. I loved being with horses, but things always felt off, too much force, too much drive, horses who didn't want to be caught...

After getting my first rescue of my own I began to study further about training. I studied all the styles, methods, professional programs. I was terribly upset and conflicted as it became clear that horses worked for us because they must, because we make their lives aversive if they are not compliant. All of the methods came down to the same bottom line, we will hurt, frighten, annoy, work or otherwise cause them distress if they do not comply. It didn't matter what fancy words they used, or what romanticized rational they had, the bottom line stayed the same. I always knew, but I never understood. What I've always seen was becoming clear to me. I didn't know any other way, or believe any other way until my horse pushed me to look further.

Here I came upon Clicker Training, in the situation I was in I had nothing left to loose by trying it. I'm glad I did. Horses themselves became open to me in a way I never dreamed possible. I was finally able to communicate “YES” to my horses! I began my studies and devoted myself fully to it, I went to clinics, events and demos, I read every book that touched on the subject, about horses, dogs or anything (as I've learned, learning works the same for all animals) and I watched every video I could find. Then the real test, I began trying it with my horses, as things evolved and I learned more and it became SO obvious to me that this was the key I'd been waiting for all my life, I began to show the kids at the rescue. They started teaching their favorite ponies sweet tricks and fun games. The rescue became alive and everyone felt the change in the air. I got to learn on my seven horses as well as the rotating herd at the rescue and continue my education by teaching people and their horses locally.

Now that I have found this wonderful form of communication I hope to spread the word about it as best I can, to anyone willing to listen. I do have a more focused goal though, we have just made Empowered Equines a non-profit business, soon to be 501c3. As we build up we are becoming a larger program. The program will be for survivors of trauma (domestic violence or other traumatic situations) to rehab rescue horses through an organized program, based on Positive Reinforcement training. Through learning about behavioral science they will learn to help a rescue horse overcome their situation, regain their trust in one another and build a healthier sense of self. I aim to have this program up and running within the next few years. In the meantime I have a wonderful team of “Empowered Equestrians”, learning to train with Positive Reinforcement with my own rescues. As well as a wonderful support team of other Clicker Training professionals all around the world who have taught (and continue to teach) me so much!

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