Empowered Equines

Who we are:
We are currently a non-profit, small horse rescue with 7 horses (you can meet them all on the Horses page), 2 cats, 3 ferrets, 13 chickens and a lamb! (and a partidge in a pair tree.. ok not really!) We have a wonderful group of horsepeople learning how to train with our horses (and other critters) and helping our horses overcome their history. We have a wonderful facebook group of people who are passionate about positive reinforcement and eager to chat and help!

What we offer:
~In person lessons at my home with my animals
~In person lessons at your home with your animals
~Online lessons via phone, email, messenger or video chat
Contact me for more information on how to get help (or just chat about R+!)

Our goals are massive!!! But let me try to sum them up. We are working towards our 501c3 status in order to be fund raise. We're fund raising to buy a property - this property will become an amazing program. It will be a two fold therapy program, therapy for human survivors of trauma and equine survivors of trauma. Together with positive reinforcement, compassion, and empathy the students and horses will work through a curriculum, with guidance from equine behaviorists and trainers as well as human therapists and social workers.


Jessica Gonzalez

Located in York, Maine