Training Science Articles:
What is Clicker Training?
The Science Behind Learning
Creating Behavior
Eliminating Behavior
Stimulus Control
Building Behavior Chains
The ABCs of horse training
Stimulus Stacking
Dealing with Fear

Putting it into Practice, Ethically:
What is an Aversive?
Over-excited about Food?
Protective Contact
Control vs. Communication
Transition Troubles
Making it a Lifestyle
The Importance of Choice

How I can help...

I offer lessons in person, on the phone and online about positive reinforcement training.

If you have a horse and you're interested in learning how to train or have a behavioral issue to overcome I'm happy to travel or help online. I'm willing to travel good distances, especially if you can coordinate a few people interested in learning. If you don't have your own horse, my horses are always eager to help new people learn how to train. Online I can help answer general questions via e-mail or get more specific with the use of phone calls, chats and videos. I'm open to most formats, feel free to send an e-mail to coordinate a discussion.

I have a short booklet I offer as a PDF copy discussing the basics of the science, specifically how it applies to training horses. I'm still working on an expanded book with information on the science, practice and how to get started, you'll be the first to hear when I finish it!

In the meantime I have a list of articles on the side, mostly discussing the science and a few more focused on ethics.